Game Noir: Main Theme

And here is a little something attributed to one of the characters in Game Noir.

Soundation exports .wav files. I converted this file to .mp3 with Audacity.

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Game Noir: Main Theme

Here is an idea for the main theme of my Game Noir.

Soundation exports .wav files. I converted this file to .mp3 with Audacity.

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The Instruments: Drum Sets

It is quite difficult to get the sound quite right, especially when you use synthetic instruments. Here are some things i learned creating my first few tracks with Soundation:

Drum set

A typical drum as described in wikipedia:


Soundation supports old school drum machines e.g. the 707 drum machine is called kit 7 in the edit instrument dialogue of the drummachine


The SPC helps a lot if you are unhappy with the few sounds the DrumMachine gives us. After you select a drum type on the top left you can get a feel of how to use it quite easily. There is a video on how to configure it on youtube.

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When writing your first songs as someone who is really new to creating music you will stumble upon Beats per Minute (BPM). Usually a music creation tool has a Metrinome which will create a click sound, so you can find a rythm in your new creation. In soundation this button is at the bottom, left of the record button (a little Metronome icon).

How to determine the right BPM

The easiest way for a newcomer is to find out which genre you want to create and look up typical BPMs for that genre on google.

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While trying to get better with Soundation i stumbled over Sormena which seems to be a site that teaches you to create music for free. I'll look through some videos and see how far they bring me.

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LUA highlighting

This is a test if the highlight javascript system works.

function love.draw()
    -- work in progress

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Tetris theme

I clicked this together in Soundation. The soundation file to import can be found here.

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From my years of mixed martial arts training i know one thing: you get good at fighting by fighting. So lets get good at creating games by creating some small games. Starting with Tetris.


I will code this in love2D.


The blocks can be created by code and i will not draw anything for this.


The tetris soundtrack is very well known and i will start my journey into making music by recreating it.

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Art Tools

To create a game you have to decide between 2D pixel art, 2D drawn art or 3D art. Here i'm going to show some tools for creating art. For pixel art i can recommend gimp or the industry standard photoshop. If you plan to give your game a more hand drawn look you should have a look into krita.

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Games created by one person

This is a case study of games created by one person in regards to the time needed and the manageable size to finish a project alone.


The most prominent game in recent times created by one person is without a doubt Minecraft created by Markus "Notch" Persson.


Created by Alexei Paschitnow on 6.06.1984 Tetris was a great success and is still played today.

Stardew Valley

Eric Barone created this piece as a fan-made alternative to Harvest Moon.


A rogue-like dungeon crawler created by Derek Yu.

Papers please

A simulation of a border control created by Lucas Pope.

Dust: An Elysian Tail

A 2D hack and slash by Dean Dodrill.

Intrusion 2

2D shoot em up sidescroller by Aleksey Abramenko.


Survival strategy game by Luke Hodorowicz.


One-man indie developers focus on the absolute minimum and eventually get supported when people believe in the core concept.

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The Right Engine

Unless you want to create your own engine like Super MEATBOY you have to decide on the engine you are using. Thankfully today we have tools like Unity, Unreal or gems like love2d.

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Audio Tools

Back in the day i used LMMS to create some simple drum'n'bass tracks. FruityLoops was the commercial solution and with Audacity you could edit your audio file and convert it to mp3.

Today everything is browserified and you can use tools like Soundation.

And of course the aspiring artist uses Soundcloud to share his music.

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